No intention of committing, for a long time?

I really have no intention of committing until I'm at least past thirty. I still develop emotional connections, but all girls I date are really just to pass the time and satisfy sexual desires. Is it wrong?
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  • I think it's only wrong if the girls fall in love with you and you use them as friends with benefits and they think you might want more. If you explain that you want friends with benefits or whatever and they agree, I think it's ok.


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  • As long as both of you are on the same page and is aware of both of your intentions then yeah


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  • It's not wrong, as long as the women you're dating know you have no intentions of committing to them.

  • Just don't tell them it's gonna be long term. It's not right or wrong, everybody has their own intentions and ideas of what they want in relationships


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