Do girls like it if a guy tell her this?

if a guy that you like tells you he misses you alot? do you like it or you think he is clingy.


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  • It depends on the guy and how long it's been since I've seen him! If I'm crazy about him, I want him to say he misses me. If I'm not and we saw each other 15 mins ago, I'm gonna hit the stage 5 clinger button

    • no it is like we haven't see each other face to face for 2 weeks and during these 2 weeks we saw each other for 2 hours max

    • I miss you is valid in most cases if you regularly see her

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  • A guy told me those things not too long ago. It didn't really mean much to me though...
    I mean the girl will think it's nice to hear whenshe actually likes you you but if she doesn't it'll be annoying and the answer is gonna be something like "ummm... okay"


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