Help.. Boyfriend problems?

So I have a boyfriend who I truly adore, We both know that we are boyfriend and girlfriend... But everytime his guyfriends calls he will say "im doing nothing.. just hanging with a friend." I dont know why he always calls me his friend! ( he never even mentions my name) AND.. he always talks about facetiming girls fom school, and how they had fun, I may be acting jealous.. but i rather not here that he's been getting girls numbers and hanging with them a lot.. :/ Also he deleted every photo from his phone of us because he thought they were useless. ( thats not a big problem..)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you need to have a real chat with him. Why isn't he calling you his girl and why is he getting numbers... that isn't normal.

    • yeah.. I've been wanting to talk to him i just haven't had the time :/

    • If he doesn't give a satisfactory reason AND start changing his ways, you should leave him though. Better to leave with your head held high and pride in place than let this carry on tbh.

    • Thankyou! :)

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What Guys Said 1

  • Is he ashamed of you?
    Cause it sounds like he is
    And it's better to leave him now instead of crying for him and harming yourself 😶...


What Girls Said 2

  • Whoa wtf he's being a jerk you deserve someone better than him girl.

  • You may think you're his girlfriend. He may tell you that you're his girlfriend.

    But honey, you're not his girlfriend.

    • .. then why do we go on dates and he gets me flowers and we hold hands and have kissed? is he a friend..

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    • If he's taking other girls' numbers then you're not in a relationship.

    • well thanks ill need to talk to him about everything eventually i just wanted a double take to make sure i wasn't being jealous, lol

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