Why do women only care about personality traits that indicates status until after they get a commitment?

Women always looking for confidence, humor, charisma to decide if you worth their time. Then loyalty, honesty, respect becomes a factor. Maybe if ladies looked at these factors more importantly than the previous they would not think all men are assholes


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  • Confidence = he isn't afraid to approach and express his desires

    Humor = who doesn't like a boyfriend or girlfriend they can laugh with and have fun with? Everyone does.

    Charisma= this is basically the same as confidence

    If a girl ends up with a douchebag well that sucks, but it isn't the fault of all women. Sometimes we misread people.

    What you're saying is under the false assumption that the assholes are the charismatic, funny ones while all the nice guys lack those traits. Which is just plain false.

    • Lol preach as well!

      I forgot to mention that. These "woe is me" type of guys seem to think that nice guys, the real ones not "nice" guys, can't have confidence, a sense of humor or be sociable. That's completely false and men are not as polar as this guy and others like him claim to be.

    • @buchitabuchys it actually shows how conceited they really are... that only guys with their traits can be good..

    • Your I assuming. This question came to me because ever day you get some chick asking why are all men assholes, cheaters, etc. I'm simply stating that maybe they are putting to much info on criteria that are almost useless to a relationship, but great for achieving status

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  • Cause you can't tell who's honest and loyal from the beginning, that takes time. A person can't be loyal to someone they don't know. And you can't tell if they're completely honest if you don't know them well, though if it's obvious they guy is spitting bullshit, girl would get turned off, they know that.
    Same with respect, unless the girl is super insecure or with daddy issues, she won't tolerate a disrespectful guy.

    You can quickly tell if a guy is charismatic, funny, and confident, but it takes time to know if his honest and loyal.


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  • You can't tell who's loyal, honest, and not even respectful until you actually get to know them. Which is unfortunate because then he shows his true colors but then we get labeled as the terrible people for not knowing.
    If women choose a partner, and he turns out to be an abusive asshole, she gets blamed and so do women for "being stupid and falling for him".
    If a man chooses a partner, and she turns out to be an abusive asshole, again. It's women to blame because apparently "there are no good women".

    "If men get screwed over by women, it reflects badly on all women.
    If women get screwed over by men, it reflects badly on all women" - @RachelBrigs perfectly summed it up.

    • I'm not blaming anybody. Just saying maybe women would stop finding so many assholes if they stopped putting so much emphasis on insignificant things like confidence and humor.

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    • I just said it! Insecurities, jealousy, etc.

  • Do you expect us to like clingy, needy, boring, insecure losers? He has to have something to offer!

    • Which is why y'all all find assholes because you're more worried about what a guy has to offer. Most. Women don't typically offers anything and doesn't stop thm from dating

  • My guess is that it takes longer to determine whether or not a guy is loyal, honest or respectful.

  • I know right but you love you learn


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  • Well you can't figure out loyalty until time has passed. It's a judgement call on their character. Respect is something most girls want and if she has high self esteem she'll walk, even if he's funny. We accept the love we think we deserve. If she thinks it's justified getting treated that way she'll overlook disrespect.
    Honesty is another judgement call. Most level headed people can spot a bullshitter.

    All that other shit is what attracts women, but the second group of details is what keeps her.

    Same could be said about guys and physical beauty to and certain extent. We all want a hot woman. We think about loyalty second. But what does someone you just met owe you anyways?

    • "We accept the love we think we deserve."

      YES! Exactly this! ^^^^
      @asker, this is why confidence is important. If you're insecure about yourself, it will leave you open to those who can manipulate and use you.
      I don't think anyone should be dating if they're insecure. I speak from experience because you will justify their ill treatment of you.

    • @buchitabuchys

      It really is a damn shame, when people justify the wrong done towards them.

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