Girls im confused?

I met a girl who's 21 and is going to college. She claims she's a virgin but she's one of those girls who's everywhere (clubs, partys, gets drunk). We been on dates and i asked her to be my girlfriend. She said "i don't want anything serious& im not good at relationships". I now see she's a flirt or an attention whore as many call it. She also hangs out with her old hs friends yes including guys.

all my guy friends are telling me she's a bs and likes to sleep around. My girlfriends tell me she just wants to have fun & date. What could "nothing serious" mean to you?


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  • I was the exact same way. I was a virgin but I still liked going out partying and flirting, but I never wanted to go further because I never knew any of the guys well enough. Maybe you seem like a player and she's only flirting around having fun until she meets a guy who she really likes


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