Help me to answer these questions, please?

I chat with this guy (via BBM/LINE) almost everyday. He seems care to me. He often asks "what are you doing?" or "have you eaten yet?" or "who else are you chatting with?" He seems curious about my daily life. We have met, but he was just too shy to start convos with me. So, we just shared smiles.
He is not a gadget freak, I think. Sometimes it takes so long waiting for him to text back. But he always texts back (even if the topics aren't important).
One day, he asked me to hang out together (watching a small concert in my town), but unfortuntely I couldn't go because I've made a plan with someone else before. He said it's okay.
Ps. I am so interested with this guy and want to build a relationship with him.
My first question is, is he really interested in me? Or he's just trying to be polite?
My second question is, should I ask him to go on a date?
Last but not least, should I make the first move to make him notice that I'm also interested with him?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If a guy asks you out he is interested. We do not voluntarily spend hours with someone else when not doing it costs us nothing if we do not want to.

    I think you should. He already asked you out. You asking him if he wants to catch that concert you two missed (or something else instead) would be appreciated, I'm betting on it. Than again, I am a gambling man.

    He already asked you out. I'd say you're just telling him that you like him too. Shy guys normally appreciate it even more.


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds to me like he is interested in you.
    Yes, ask him out.
    If you want to make the first move, go for it. I am sure he will appreciate it.


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