Why she talks to him in my absence but ignores me in my presence?

My friends tellme that when im out with my friends... that girl comes upto a guy and sits with him and laughs and smiles and flirts.
But infront of me... she ignores him... she doesn't laugh, doesn't smile, doesn't flirt with him... maintains distance.
However, she came and sat with me infront of him...
I want to know is she cheating on me?
  • That guy and she are secretly having affair and she doesn't want me to know.
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  • That guy is just a friend, im overthinking.
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  • It's hard to say- unless your friends saw them kiss. She could just be the flirty type. If you're married to this women. Then you should ask her what's going on.

  • You like asking this question don't you?

    • I asked this first time, what do u think?
      if she likes him then why she talks to me happily and nicely and flirts with me?

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