Girls, Why do you think this girl had on mind about Jason?

This happened to my friend Jason. He is somewhat more of a Quiet/ shy type of guy, but if you talk to him he opens up.

A random girl approached Jason multiple times.
The first time she just smiled at him and he looked away shyly. So she walked away.

Another attempt in which she tried to talk a bit and asked a bit about him , but she had to leave.

At the third attempt , a conversation actually developed. She seemed to tell a bit about her background. Like how her mom was a drunk and dad kicked her out of the house. As a result she was a school dropout. She had this dreamy look when talking to Jason and was calm.

Jason in return gave his opinion , " I think you should get a degree" not knowing her opinion on studies.

But the girls counter-acts the advice , by saying "partying is the best life " and gives an excuse that she does not have a phone when Jason asks for her number. She didn't even ask Jason for his number.

When Jason was leaving , she was staring at him in a dreamy way. They never saw each other again. "

What is your opinion about this incident?


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  • She doesn't like him all that much


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