Why do guys say hey girl?

Not to bring up stereotypes, but mostly gay men do that. Why would a straight man say that
makes no sense


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  • why not? should i stop and say "SUP BITCHES!!!" instead? :D

    • No, but hey girl sounds cheesy

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    • I don't know it just sounds weird to me. I don't know why
      Like mostly girls talk that way I guess
      Or gay guys

    • nah... i'm fairly sure straight guys say "hey girl" considering i say it occasionally and i know dudes who have said it that are straight. maybe sarcastically...

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  • People say it in order to greet? O_o
    Being straight or gay has nothing to do with it.


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  • What's wrong with it? Its a greeting. Its better than Hey bitch

    • I don't know it's not really masculine to me for a man to say hey girl
      Most men don't really say that

    • I sometimes say hey lady

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