Girls, if you have trust issues from a previous relationship, how long does it take you to trust a guy you're dating?

I started dating this girl about a week ago and I really like her but she had a very bad experience in her last relationship so she has trust issues with guys. Have any of you been in a similar situation. If so, how long did it take you to trust your next boyfriend and believe he wasn't just using you?


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  • My current boyfriend is the only man I've ever been involved with, who didn't somehow prey on me. He gives me a great deal of comfort and security, to say the least.
    However, I can't really speak to the experiences of anyone else. When you have trust issues, it's hard to say if you ever truly "get over" them. Though if I were to try and make some kind of guess in your particular case, I'd say that a few months should definitely be enough to solidify your relationship.
    Remember, even if it seems silly or unnecessary, regular reassurance from those you love goes an awful long way when you have anxiety.


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