What are some ways to open up to a man?

I've been emotionally unavailable my whole life, meaning I don't like to open up or share intimate details about myself. Its been a pattern with me throughout my dating life and its most likely the reason why my relationships don't last very long.

I met a sweet guy who I've been on 5 dates with. On our 5th date he practically opened up about everything, told me about his past relationships and completely let his guard down. He told me that he enjoys my company and hasn't felt this way in years, but he wants to get to know me better and feels like I'm emotionally unavailable.

It terrifies me to open up but at the same time, I don't want him to lose interest because of that. What are some ways to open up to a man? When he says he wants to know me better, what exactly does he mean? What are some baby steps?

Thoughts are appreciated.


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  • Time to go to work...

    When you think of opening up to someone, how do you feel? What thoughts go through your mind? Are you afraid of something?

    Seems like you may only be giving him surface value information about yourself. He wants to know "you." When he asks you something or an opportunity arises for you to say something about yourself, or your past, don't be afraid to elaborate or share more detail, and feelings.

  • Start with childhood dreams and experiences that make you sound cute. The rest will follow in time.

  • Talk to him about. things that interest him and then he will open up to u...
    pls answer mine www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1827049-does-she-like-me-or-she-likes-that-guy


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