Take it slow or afraid of commitment?

Okay so I went on a few dates with this really cute guy we hit it off right away! He was silly and flirty and sweet he even asked to take me to a movie after dinner, since our date was going so well. (We are broke college kids so that is a real treat). Anyways we went on another date and continue to talk. He is very sweet and we have great conversationse we have lots of chemistry! And one day he randomly calls me and said that he didn't know if he could continue to date. Fair enough he seemed stressed out because of work and starting school and I wasn't going to pressure anything. However, I explain to him that I was just having fun and I really enjoyed his company. Also I said that I would miss the amazing sex. To my surprise he said that he still would be down to hook up and agreed with everything I said! So long story short we still have been hooking up but it's amazing. He cuddles me all night we watch movies and joke around. The other day we slept till noon and he even took me to breakfast. There was about a foot of snow and the streets where a mess and helped a guy with a stuck truck on the way back. I thanked him for being so generous and he said that he was excited to see me again when I get back from break. We have a really good thing going I'm pretty sure its mutual. He is very sweet and even though we aren't serious he told me he really likes me! I like him, but that random call that one day really through me off I didn't assume we where a couple. But other then that things are really good and I like what we have going on he dose too. I'm just wondering if he seems like he just wants to go slow in dating or not have a label.


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  • It sounds like he's stepped down to just hooking up and doesn't really see more than that right now. I'd be careful as to not develop a strong attachment to him. However, if you both just want to mess around, don't put too much stock into it.


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