Could someone explain to me what their first kiss was like? Like, in depth?

So, well, I guess I'm just wondering. Or craving the knowlegde. Or desperately craving the experience. Do you mind?
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  • I haven't been kissed yet. :(
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  • I didn't like my first kiss. Seriously it was bad.
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  • I loved my first kiss. I wish it could always be that way.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Soft. Tender. Enjoyable

    It was unplanned and unexpected. I enjoyed it but what I really remember most was thinking "I'm kissing a girl. I'm actually kissing a girl." I also remember thinking something like "Girl lips are soft. Me likes."


Most Helpful Girl

  • My first kiss was with a girl. And I'm straight.
    So yeah, not ideal. It was during a truth or dare game, and I had to make out with this girl for one minute. And I seriously had no clue of what to do. People believed I had already been kissed, but I hadn't.
    Anyway, the whole experience felt strange, and I didn't enjoy it. I don't feel like my first kiss has been stolen from me because I willingly participated. But it was far from being what it would be--my lips touching another being's lips I mean.
    But my first kiss with a guy was in a bar. He was someone I'd just met, but we really clicked in a deeper way and just did it. That time around, it was more... intense. I really felt a connection, and it was like my mouth KNEW what to do on instinct. Maybe it is because it was with a guy. Maybe because I was really attracted to him. I don't know, really.
    Anyway, that's it for me. Not so romantic, hah. But oh well, not everyone is as lucky.


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  • I was too shy to actually let him kiss me the first few times he tried. Id lean in, then chicken out and just press my forehead against his with an awkward, "Hi."
    When I did finally kiss him, we were sitting on a long, curved couch, right in the middle of the curve and kind of leaned toward each other. I started giggling in the middle of the kiss because I was nervous, and he pulled away in alarm and asked me what was wrong. I'm such a graceless individual.

  • Mine was quite awkward and I kind of wish i'd shared mine with my previous boyfriend instead of the one I kissed. He smoked so that was disgusting, and I don't like french kissing in general. A normal kiss means so much more to me.

  • It was really weird, it was slobbery and awkward, hated it 😂

  • My first kiss was like kissing a fish, sloppy, wet, and awful.

  • Was just a messy sloppy wet mess


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