How does an introverted guy like me attract a girl?

I am attractive and confident; like to stay in shape. When I do talk with girls I tend to like to listen more than talk and I hate being around parties, bars or any kind of large group of people. I am a little uncomfortable at first with people but after a short time it gets better. I am having trouble with getting a girl's attention and I dont know what else i can do to make myself seem more interesting i guess? I know girls tend to like more outgoing people but I can be out going too just not at first. I know I have a lot of desireible qualities and a lot to offer a woman i just dont know how to get their attention long enough. Any advice? Also I dont have any problem asking women out its just getting them interested in wanting more than something casual or meaningless.


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  • "i just dont know how to get their attention long enough. Any advice?" Umm be spontaneous + energetic and that usually does the job cuz nobody likes a "boring" person, right? I never said "fake like someone you aren't" tho.


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