Have I already been put into the friend zone?

Yeah so like i'm moving from LA to Humboldt in the fall. And I was on tumblr and I stumbled apon this girl already going to school up there. I decided to talk to her and thanks to the instant messaging system I was able to have great coversations with her. I was able to get her number and continue the coversation. I wanted to smoothly ease into it to see if she would warm up to me you know romantically but then she's like "oh I can't till you get up here so we can be friends" and BAM my heart sank and I was like FUCK! Like I've been friends with girls and had some really good friendships but only under sertan curcumstances which would include obvious boundaries like if she's in a relationship with one of my friends, or she already has a boyfriend ( or GF) or is she's a lesbian. I'm good friends with one of my exes and we are real close but she's like inbetween being bi and lesbian ( i know its complicated) but im one of the few men she trusts. If She's single and I find her attractive then it gets messy. Either Im attracted to her and the feelings arn't mutual or she's attracted to ME and i'm not attractedd to her. It's just hard for me to be friends with girls and get that close to them without falling for them and catching feels. I basically just told her that I've had trouble being friends with girls in my past, I assume she hasn't replied because she went to sleep but like I just want to be honest and strieght forward so this doesn't fester. All of this sounds fucked up but it's just how I roll. So is this already a no go or is there a glimmer of hope left. IF it's a no-go then i'm just gonna move on and just try to put myself out there once I get up there. This shit has me fucked up in the head right now.


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  • The friendzone is calling lol
    So did she reply?


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