Trying to get a girl who doesn't seem interested, what to do?

So i met this girl at a house party but couldnt really get the chance to talk to her cause she was leaving so we exchanged phone numbers. A few days later i tried texting her but she seemed like she wasn't interested. She even said she wasn'ta good txter. And every time i asked her about what she eas doing on the weekend she would always say "just staying home". Of course i would invite her out but she would alwayd give me that. Ok maybe. And on the weekends she wouldn't reply to my txts. So i stopped txting.

This happened like 8 months ago and today i bumped into her and got the chance to talk to her a bit more but i was kinda nervous. And i asked again what she's does on the weekends and she says she stays home. And again i said lets go out she said yea that sounds like a plan. But i know she's just saying that.

What do i do to try and date her? I dont even want to hook up i want her to be my gf?


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  • Get the message mate she is not into you

    • But i like her :(

    • But you can't force somebody to like you. And it's bad for you in the long run too.

    • True that!

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