She rejected me but she gives me minor hints?

This girl rejected me 7 months back saying she just wanted to remain friends. we are in same college. we are good friends for the last 2 years. In between I didn't used to talk to her much after she rejected me. But now its little bit ok between us. But I still love her. Sometimes she drops some hints like she wants to remain in contact with me even after our college life gets over. She also likes to hang out with me. I had made her clear that I can't be with her so close as I used to be before, when she rejected me. Sometimes she also gives me hints to call her and talk to her whenever I miss her. There are 2 of our mutual friends in our college. Even they sometimes come to me and talk of her so that I would give her some attention. My question is, is she giving some hints or should I don't have any hopes and just leave?


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  • She wants you to ask her out!


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