Should I not date my sisters friend if she's not cool with it at first?

She doesn't want me to because she said if we break up things will be awkward. I have a crush on her and I'd like to get to know her better is it a bad idea for me? Should I just start talking to her more and see if things naturally progress?


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  • This is a tricky one, but this is about you dating your sister's friend, and that is a separate thing from your sister's friendship with that person. So, if you really like your sister's friend, then go for it.


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  • Try to get her opinion about why not! May be she knows something about that person that you don't!

    • It's more about the awkwardness after the breakup. A similar thing happened between friends of theirs.

    • I avoid any of my friends dating any of my brothers because I know they are not stable and I don't want my friend to come to me to ask me about my brother's where about if he is not answering the phone for example. Or to cry to me after brake up. Just saying!

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