Boyfriend ignores me after our fight. Is this over?

I've been out of town and took me to airport the day I fly out. And I saw tears in his eyes on hat night. 2 days later he was still responsive and texting me a lot. These couple of days he barely text. Then We had a fight over some misunderstanding.

We made up but I told him I now have doubts this will be long term as I realize I'm loving my freedom when I'm out of town. He said may he you are not ready for relationship. I said neither are you. As you refuse to label us. He goes we are boy and girl and we are exclude and that's a stage. Next stage is moving in together. He said it will be awhile as he only got independent from his parents a few years ago.

We we did end he night with some kisses on text next day no text and today still no text. All he did was throwing some likes on my FB.
Oh wow have fun on your trip! Yea he didn't do anything else. I won't be home until 2 days. I will find out lol

"See" you next year. HVe a good one!


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  • Go Slow with Joe's Flow here, dear. By reading the writing on the wall and all, you Both are Not... Ready for relationship.
    Forget the 'Next stage' of 'Moving in together,' you Need to Continue Nursing and nurturing Something Special that you have going with being in this Level of 'Girlfriend and boyfriend,' and he is Right when he Refuses to Label Us... I myself Label you both Maybe Exclusive but Not Official just yet.
    He is perhaps doing his own thing right now, may still have a slight sour ball still with the convo before that you had so he is Now... No text and today still no text.
    You both need to have a serious soulmate talk soon, face to face. Get on the same page, compromise so there is More of an understanding and More... Likes on my FB.
    Good luck. xx

    • Guess what? He just sent me a text to dump me. I guess I shouldn't have told him I love my freedom and write stuff like new year looking forward to new everything..

      His break up text was about he is passionate about me but our relationship is not healthy (sour balls like your said) he said I'm the prefect girlfriend but he doesn't see us getting married. He thought new year is coming we should both have a fresh start (referring to my status) And that I'm amazing and he hopes I won't cut him out.

      So I called no answer then I text him and said this should be down face to face or video call. He told me he thought I would prefer to message after my freedom talk the other day.

      I let hi know it was a mistake and I regret jumping his throat. I apologized again and told him he is special to me and it was insecurity on my part cos in afraid feelings not mutual. Also I figured the freedom I l love is from work and family not him. I wish he was here with me

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    • lol.. In your handy hand basket. xxoo

    • Hey hun more question for you please, thanks :)

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  • He seems to be acting weird and funny since you flew out of town. Maybe he is trying to give you space to enjoy your trip. But he still shouldn't be changing. If he is use to texting you everyday then he should do it. Maybe he could be sad because you are not around. Him liking stuff on facebook I guess is suppose to make up for his lack of texting. Maybe in his mind he feels it's communication.

    • Well he did have a little bit of tears in his eyes the night before I flew out.

      He also did say don't worry about life now home is always. Enjoy your holiday! I guess just wait till he text me?

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    • You did seem like the perfect girlfriend. I think he will regret doing that. And the messed up part about it is your out of town.😢

    • Yes it's really messed up. On a anniversary while I'm oversea. Perfect set up for me o get I. Hotel room. I admit I've done wrong thing a few days ago but first real fight and he dumps me.

      I'm his longest girlfriend of 6 months. He is a commitment phobic

  • If it is over or not... it depends on u...
    u can always message him and see what happens...

  • Doesn't sound over

    • Is he playing games now? He kept liking my post and even add topless picture (for me to see only) yet he is not texting me his is the longest we have been without communication. He knows I expect daily communication. And I almost dump him once when he failed to do that

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    • I'm out of town anyway. I guess I will just keep quiet. When I'm back I will just go and pick up my stuff and really leave

    • Good luck

  • give each other space


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  • I think you two need a break.

    • I'm overseas at the moment. We still keep in touch via text. Meanwhile I'm trying to improve myself by reflecting and reading.

    • Ohhh I see!

  • It doesn't sound like you're over to me. Perhaps you should have another conversation with him and see how it goes.

    • He hasn't text me but he keep liking my posts and even approves tags very quickly. He also added topless pic to our shared album on the phone. He never volunteer pics like this in the past. Yes he is not texting me

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