What does it mean? is she psycho?

She laughs , talks , smiles, flirts with me in absence of one guy,
whereas, infront of that dude.. she changes, she ignores me.. and if i go upto her to talk.. she doesn't talk to me for more than 5 mins,,
what does it mean?
  • She likes that dude.
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  • She likes me, im overthinking.
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What Girls Said 1

  • If she talks to him while ignoring you then yes. If not then there are other possibilities, if the other guy doesn't inspire feelings of armor within her. Maybe it's something else, maybe he makes her sad. Maybe he pisses her off, and I hate to mention it, maybe she is scared of him. Try to pay attention to her body language, especially if the other guy is talking to her. People attracted to one another usually lean in towards each other. But if he touches her shoulder and she jumps and jerks away, my money is on fear. Most important is observation, try not to make any quick calls. Just watch this guy, cuz if she is scared of him, I'm sure it's for a good reason.

    • If she were scare of him, then why she was sitting with that dude? she went up from her seat and then went and sat with him right infront of me... means i was present in the class...
      and also she came in the class... and asked water from him.. like "hey james, water please"...
      she literally shouted for water... does she want me to take the hint that she likes him and i should back away?

What Guys Said 1

  • Ignore her ass and see what happens

    • I did ignore her... she came upto me and sat right next to me and talked to me for 5 mins.. and then she left..
      but in presence of that guy... she doesn't come upto me... i went upto her when he was around... she did not even ask me how r u, she just talked some work stuff and then she left.
      watchya think?

    • Tell her to sod off next time for the way she's treating you and its most likely she wants that other dude

    • I won't talk to her bruh... but she comes upto me for a talk and sits with me...
      and yea you're right.. all my friends tellme she likes the other dude..
      she is using me as a PLAYTOY... when that dude is absent she uses me to pass time...
      and what that dude is present she just ignores the shit out of me and insults me if i talk to her by running away...
      if she comes upto me next time... i will just kick her butt...

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