Any ideas on this little situation?

*so I have a crush on this guy who's a little bit older than me..
*last summer he asked my friend if I still like him
* went out for his birthday and he told me to take care of him
*he also said that he might have seen a connection with me and him
*we all went out on Wednesday for our Christmas party
*i asked if he was going to the bar and he's like yeah are you going? but I didn't see his text until afterwards when I got to the bar
*he would always look over at me
* I was dancing and he was behind me and he kept looking at me and everyone kept looking at us and smiling but then he walked away and danced with a girl
* this guy started to dance with me and my crush walked towards me he looked up at me then walked away
* so then by this time the bar was just about closed and he sent me another text message saying did you take off already? But again I didn't look at my phone until after
* we all went back to the hotel and my crush and all his friends and my friends were there
* I went to out of the room for a sec to see where my friend went and then he followed me cuz I was out in front of the door and he comes up and grabs my arm and waist and my friend ended up coming back and she looked at us
* he had his foot on top of mine.. I like umm you're kinda on my foot lol and he's like oh sorry but he kept trying to playful put his foot on me again and I did the same
* at this time it was 4 in the morning and everyone was ready for bed so we were all saying bye and my crush hugged everyone else but he just looked at me
* after they all left I ended up getting sick and I was literally asking all of my friends and his friends if they had gravol but no one did
* so then my crush was at home and I called him to see if he had any gravol and he's like no I'm really sorry and he's like who's getting sick and I was like me and he's like no I'm sorry I don't have any I was like it's okay bye and I hung up the phone
* I felt super bad because I think I woke him up but I'm surprised he answered the phone when I called


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  • What's the question?

    • Does he like me or no? It seems like he's giving me mixed signals

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    • Well that's why I've been giving mixed signals because I'm super confused with him lol!

    • Assume he likes you and go for it.

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