First date experience, was he interested?

So I got home from university and decided, hey why not tinder and see what is going on whilst i've been away. I met this guy who goes to uni in my home town and he asked me on a date... i explained before the date I'm not going to go to do anything back at his. he was still interested. So on Wednesday I met with him and we had a good time, we did not that have that much in common but had good conversation, we laughed and joked and it was good. He proceeded in taking me back to his, even after i made it clear nothing would happen and he knew i couldnt stay round However it was late, there was not much more to do around so i thought why not. He was really sweet, we watched a film, made out and joked and laughed. I knew he wanted more but he knew I wouldn't give anything else to him. He took me home after a few hours and was sweet saying he was upset I couldnt stay. When we got to mine he said it was lovely meeting him, we kissed once more, he then told me to text him. I jokingly said no you text me and he said nope you text me. That was it, I made sure he got home ok, thanked him for the night by text etc. The next day, nothing, no text. It got to the evening and I thought, ok i'll text him. I said hey and he replied like oh look who it is. We exchanged one or two texts, i then asked how his day was. Read and ignored. I then stupidly panicked and said noo? okk.. no reply. I then proceeded to be like i dont know why you told me to text if you ignore me. He apologised and said he was watching a film! but he'd read my texts and normally replies straight away. So I simply said you're obviously not interested and he said he was busy. I said after ok but i dont like being ignored and you did so obviously i'll take it like that. Have i completely fucked it up by being too needy... was he ever really interested? do i text him again like in a few days or today? i know he is going home later on to where in the country he lives but he's back next week for a couple days. someone tell me if i should just move on, i dont want to
please could a guy respond?


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  • I think he's not interested


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