What would be your ideal type of guy?

Do you go for personality? Looks? Your exact equal? Someone younger/older?


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  • I want the whole package!
    and some how has the same chemistry as me! < * this is hard to find!
    Yeahhhh ):

    • Ha, I know that feeling, Im trying to find a girl who has the same personality as myself, but it doesn't seem to be happening

    • Not the same but one that you blend together with! Like blue and purple they are diffirent but together they look nice. Or a blue with a green and it makes this nice color add a little white and tada! Thats what I want... someone he/she can be different but somehow gets me and loves me back.

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  • I go for both looks and personality! I want him to treat me like his equal but to acknowledge that we're different, he is a Man and I am a Woman!
    I would like him to be around my age. The best would be something between 19 and 28. I want him to be mature and fun.🙂

  • Submissive, intelligent, logical. Those are the main qualities I look for.

  • Smart, funny, extroverted
    Looks.. Kinda athletic

  • The appearance attracts me, but it's his personality that I fall in love with.

    A guy who is reliable with a sense of humor. Someone who has the same values as me , and who has a certain amount of humility. A guy who is not only my boyfriend but my best friend too. A guy who I can open up to, and feel comfortable talking to him about anything.


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