Is this showing jealousy? Please help?

Over the course of the last year, I developed a flirtatious relationship online with a guy that I know in real life, but who lives an hour+ away. He initiated it. We call eachother nicknames, talk every day and have sent eachother pics- both sexy and regular. I am really interested in him and want to see where it goes. He said that he doesn't want it to be just sex between us... Yet he also said that his current depression and bad experiences with girlfriends in the past make it so he's not ready to try a relationship, and doesn't know when he will be ready. I want a relationship but would have tried friends with benefits... but he said hooking up isn't his style and would want something more real. However since he's not ready, he told me I shouldn't miss out on the opportunities I was having with other guys to wait for him. It hurt to hear him say that but I took his advice and have been going out with the same guy for almost two months now (unofficial). I don't talk about it with the guy online too much, but he brings it up a lot, even if it's just in a joke. Last night when it came up and he found out that this guy really likes me and that I was thinking of "doing things" aka getting sexual with the guy I'm seeing finally, the guy online all of a sudden said it was rude of me to say that. When I asked why he said "just is" and wouldn't explain. I took this to mean that it bothered him to hear that... Which makes me wonder is it possible that he really still likes me and is bothered that the new guy is working out?


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  • You pretty much said it. He likes you and although he isn't ready to date he isn't ready to let you go even if he said you can see other people


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