She doesn't give in to do ANYTHING with you but kiss?

so you have a girlfriend for like a couple of months and she doesn't give in to do ANYTHING with you but kiss, do you leave her or keep her?


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  • let her move at her own pace. don't make her rush things or she will be the one considering leaving you. just let her move on to other things when she is ready.


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  • Hey dude...give her the long run, you will find out when she gives it to you, will blow ur mind...enjoy the close friendship/relationship!

  • keep her, if you really like her ull move at her pace

  • if we're not even rubbing each other yet then we'd have to have a talk about it

    • I just asked a few times, got NO every time.

      I expressed no ultimatum like : "if you don't give in I quit". I just started avoiding her a bit at first, then more, then completely. No more explications. She wouldn't have understood it anyway: she clearly liked sex but it was missing from her religious background, thus I respected that.

      I don't know who she went with after that. I just hope she's happy now.

      That was then. Now I would have a serious talk (but she didn't seem open to that)

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