Girls, What should I do?

There's this guy I like named Max, and I had no clue if he liked me back because of the mixed signals I received from him. In my opinion, there's a 65% chance of him having an interest in me, and I don't know if I can clarify it. I was telling my best-friend, Anderson, and he said we can fake dating to pull him out. We did so, but he wasn't as school today when we made it 'official'. This girl he kept flirting texted him with me. Let's call her A.

A: Boy, Bella got a boyfriend.
M: What?
A: That guy who comments on her pictures.
M: I don't look at her Insta 24/7.
A: Go check!
M: She blocked me.
M: Who is that guy anyway?
A: He's really cute too.
M: I'm free.

This is where I cracked. I then told her to tell him to rot in hell.

A: Bella said to go rot in hell.
M: Are you showing her these texts?
A: Hell no.
M: Then how'd she respond?
A: She took my phone and read them.

This is where I left to run in the bathroom to cry. But she texted me the following:

M: Aw shit, I feel bad now.
A: Do you want me to talk to her?
M: Would you? I think she lost her interest in me.

I told her to text the following:
A: Bella said, "Yet again, go rot in hell."

I blocked him on instagram, snapchat, and his number. What should I do? Do you think he's gonna try to contact me?


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  • He might have just said that cause he was jealous that u got a boyfriend and didn't want to seem like it affected him


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  • What on earth were you thinking? Game playing and telling someone to rot in hell is not going to make them want you! And are you saying that he has been flirting with the girl that was texting him? then obv he likes her. Think you need to forget him. For a while at least.

    • Actually, he said more shit about me that I didn't want to include. The guy I was apparently game playing with has always been there for me. It obviously made him say what he obviously thought of me.

    • So he's always been there for you but he talked shit about you? Pft, drop him like a hot stone then.

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  • I think it's best to leave it alone.

  • If you feel you are being played you probably are.

    • Well, he seemed to be talking shit to the 'other woman' if you must. But as soon as he saw I read the text about how he was free, he felt terrible.

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    • I honestly feel like he's lying to the girl.

    • Then that is probably the case. Sometimes when I'm faced with a situation which I can't work out. I ignore my insecurities and ignore my fears and doubts. I let my intuition guide me. It guides me in the right direction, because your intuition feels what your eyes can't see and it works out what your head and heart hasn't yet.

      You thought he may be playing you , but your gut tells you the opposite. So trust your gut. 😊

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