Girls, Guy's who ride Motorcycles are?

Girls, Guy's who ride Motorcycles are?
You met up a guy online and one day ended up metting in real life for some dinner and a walk. The guy came to the date on Motorcycle. What would your opinion of the guy be? And would you care what kind of Motorcycle the guy came on?
  • I never been on a Motorcycle, so I would be bit excited!
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  • His bike ain't fast enough to go 200+ kmph, so no-no!
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  • I would not care, Motorcycle or a Car makes no different, its the personality that counts!
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  • I'm scared of Motorcycles...
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It really doesn't matter though I do sometimes like to ride motorcycles. What matters more is the care he takes while I'm on the bike.

    Most guys make me wear their helmet and are careful while I'm on the bike and make sure I'm comfortable. An ex wore his helmet leaving me with nothing and almost tipped the bike over while I was on it. After that I asked him to please go home but he didn't take me directly home and I was scared.

    I also burned my leg on his bike, something I've never done before on a bike, because he didn't have the footrest down so as I was getting on my foot went for it but it was up so I burnt myself on the tailpipe. It was a second degree burn and he cracked a joke about I guess you won't forget again. I still have a scar reminding me of him.

    We dated for four more months but looking back I should have broken up with him that day. He invited me to go on his boat bit then snuck out of my house he next morning and went without me.

    I stupidly forgave him after much begging. What I waste of space he was.

    • Damn... With my last ex, I assured she got the good helmet (I have one other helmet I wear that was dropped, so for safety I wear that instead of passenger). I assured the passenger pegs were down and I assured to sit on the bike with brakes engaged while she got off. But she never listed to me so I started to hate passengers, she would dig the helmet into my shoulder causing me pain after while and causing my arms to slowly go numb. Plus she would lean other way on turns. So yeah...

      I'm responsible enough to give rides and when I have a passenger I ride much more calm and reserved then I'm by myself.

    • Thanks! ☺️

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What Girls Said 3

  • YES. i don't know if its just me honestly but I have a thing for guys who ride motorcycles, and I like the one you posted above there. I'm a fan of cars and motorcycles, so I don't know if its just me, but it would be nice and fun to ride on a motorcycle with a guy, unless of course I was wearing something that would get in the way (such as a dress or something). It doesn't matter if the bike goes 200 or not, I'll just enjoy the ride. Feel free to show me the mechanics of your bike, too!

  • Honestly, I'd be worried

    • LOL. Cars are just as scary really.

  • I much prefer harley's to crotch rockets...

    I answerd "I would not care, Motorcycle or a Car makes no different, its the personality that counts!" though.

    • Harleys / Cruisers are like couches on wheels. Crotch rockets, well are rockets :D. But in the end there bikes, so props for that :D. I'm still young so given that my back can actually handle a sports bike I ride one, when I get older couch on wheels it is.

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