Guys, does this mean we have plans for the beach Saturday?

A guy I've been seeing awhile had to cancel on our plans the other night coz of a dentist appointment and said he wanted to go to the beach Saturday so I said if he wants company I'd be happy to go. He then said "I'll call you Saturday to sort out the beach :)"

This means we have plans right?
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  • He shouldn't leave you hanging like that. That's not very considerate 'cause obviously you don't know for sure what he means or intends. You might just want to say something like: "Hey, just let me know for sure ahead of time, okay?"


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  • if he said y'all are going to the beach, why would it mean y'all don't have plans?

    • I didn't know if saying "I'll call you Saturday to sort out the beach" meant yes we will go to the beach

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    • Haha it's so hot in Australia! Should I text him and ask what time we are going to the beach or wait?

    • i'll take heat over cold any day, although it's been extremely warm here in new jersey. nah. you wait. he'll text you. if it hit's around 11 or 12, then you text him. just be like, "bruh, so we goin or nah :D"

  • Your good to go!

  • are you slow? aha


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