Why do a guy cutts you off?

I was going out with this guy for 2 months... everything seemed to be fine... went to his app chilled talked everyday if not calling... texting... He said many nice things such as he adored me n he was proud to hold my hand etc... so last time he dropps me off gets home texts me that he adored me... next day text me he missed me... and that was it..
3 days after since i didn't get a call i texted him... nothing..20 min after i called.. nothing... i apologized but wanted to know if he was ok... nothing back... finally 2 days after being sad n angry i texted him saying that i deserved an xplanation... that u dont do s***t like that... of course am still waiting on him to grow some oo

I mean i thought that he was as mature as he said he was not like he was a child he was freaking 50.


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  • Well, that really sucks. I'm sorry. Not really much you can do in this case. Just try not to let it get to you. Go out with your friends. Have a drink. Clear your mind. Try not to speculate; will just make you more sand and angry.

    • Thank u love... but tryin to figured it out is in the back of my head...

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  • That's so strange. It could be anything really, from he got back with an ex to he got amnesia haha

    • He should of have the balls to say something... oh yeah i forgot he had amnesia haha

    • Really though, his actions have proved something to you. Although you may have got along well, he's not mature enough to deal with things like an adult, instead he hides like a 12 year old hides from their parents when they haven't done their homework. At least he proved this a couple months in instead of a few years in and didn't waste much more of your time.

    • U know what u are so right...'cause i keep asking myself something that he will not have the nuts to answer me..

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  • Better hope he's not in the hospital or you'll feel really bad

    • He's not...'cause he was in whatsapp about an hour ago

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