He never texted me back? did I do something wrong?

so i was talking to this guy from some dating website. a couple days ago out of the blue, he texted me asking me if i wanted to hang out at his house. so he picked me up from my apartment and drove me there. we got a long really well, we had so many common interests and we were laughing and flirting. we kissed, but nothing more. he was really sweet and he said that he could pick me up after i got off from work the next day and that he wanted to see me. he drove me back home and on the way there. he kept saying that he really wanted to see me again and that i was beautiful and everything. he invited me to this event later in the year that him and his friends were going to. we were even holding hands in the car when he was driving me home, and he said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend. then when i got home, he kissed me again.
so yesterday at around 6pm, i texted him saying "just let me know if you're still picking me up after work" to confirm our plans and to know wether i needed to take the bus home or not. he knew that i got off work at 9pm. but he never showed up or texted me back. now i feel stupid for texting him and i feel like i came off clingy and weird, those weren't my intentions. did i do something wrong that made him disappear? was texting him too clingy of an approach? everything seemed perfect yesterday. what did i do wrong?


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  • No you didn't do anything wrong, how would that be clingy? Maybe something important came up? If he's interested he'll most likely come around soon have some patience :)


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  • It might just be he was saying those nice things to get you to think he really liked you so you would sleep with him. Probably was still hoping you would right up until you went into your house without him. Its never a good thing if he asks you to his house for a first date and you probably shouldn't have went. Im always wary of men now that are too full on/complimentary in the beginning, because its usually nonsense.

    • but i'm just so confused cause he had his arm around me and my head was laying on his shoulder and we were like that for 20 minutes. he only tried touching my hip and the side of my stomach, he didn't try anything else. and he only toungue kissed me once. and if he wanted to have sex why didn't he try that at his house? when he dropped me off at my apartment, he didn't ask to walk me to my building, he just said, "are you close by?" and i said yeah, i'm just in this building that's right here." then he kissed me. i just don't understand cause it didn't seem like he just wanted to get in my pants, cause he never really tried to.

      also, we were talking about what we were looking for in a relationship, he said that he was actually open to casual sex, but he wants a relationship more. so now i'm really confused. did he just want sex from me/ or something more?

    • Anyone mentioning being open to casual sex is probably not a good thing, that’s them testing the water to see if you’d be cool with it. Some men don’t just want sex, they want the woman to really like them and so that they can feel good about themselves (then often when they think you are really into them, they uturn and lose interest). So of course he’d say he likes the idea of a relationship-because that’s what would make you more trusting/like him more. Some people are warped and in it for the long game not just the sex.

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