Do you think this relationship will last?

A coworker of mine is dating a girl who is considered to be a piece of trash by many. When I asked him about the relationship , he said that he's only using her for the sex.
If he was legitimately dating her, wouldn't he defend her and not say something like that? What do you think about a guy saying that and would a relationship like this last?


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  • I personally don't think a relationship Luke that will last. I've been in two relationships that were mostly about sex, they were short lived.


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  • well first off why is she considered a piece of trash. secondly he may only be saying that in front of his coworkers because everyone considers her a piece of trash.

    • she's apparently very promiscuous

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    • My thoughts exactly, so do you think he's in it just for what he said? I told him to get an std check

    • honestly I don't know him or his situation very well so I don't know but from what you've told me, I'm willing to bet he's either on the rebound and trying to get the first thing he can or, he hasn't had many girlfriends and is trying to get one.

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