Girls, My friend needs some advice And I don't know what tom do. Will someone help me help him?

So my buddy is really lonely and a bit of an introvert, and he wants a girlfriend. I don't know what to do or tell him. we go to a small school and everyone there doesn't like him. How should i go about helping him. He likes playing on the computer and jokes a lot too, I don't know if that matters. He also isn't an attractive guy but he isn't ugly either he is average. He is also smart and is in accel. classes with A's and B's. He would probably even just like talking to a girl. He prefers to talk though instead of text. Yea, so thanks for reading this and hopefully u can help.


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  • You're 17. You'll meet a girl. Don't use your friend. We all know you're talking about you.


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