How do you make of this thinking?

First off, let's not get all angry or emotional or throw insults around. I just want your opinion on this.

The app called meetme. Free dating one. Anyway, the attention I get from women aren't my flavor wise, Bbw etc. I'm not attracted to that type but... Some guys are. That's fair.

They all all say I'm handsome cute etc. but those type of females would date anyone. They are desperate for someone in their life. Now I never think I'm attractive, so I think anything they say doesn't count.

Now, I don't go after hottest of the hot women. Want to make that clear. But, I never get a response from women I find attractive. Doesn't have to be 9 or 10. Even a 5 or 6, usually ignores me. That's why I feel unnattractive.

Some guys like me, only way we are convinced of women we find attractive finds us attractive. Is that fair? Do you agree with that? But I an conviced most pretty women are shallow and put men's looks as super important.

Is that a fair saying?


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  • Yup, that makes sense. People tend to value the opinions of people that THEY value or admire.

    • Wow! Didn't expect that. I expected someone to say " if you truly think that, then you are a sad individual" lol.

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    • Yea true. Or like between getting accepted into like Ohio state or Stanford university, I'd be ecstatic getting into Stanford.

    • lol yes :)

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