What should I do? My heart is on the line?

Before graduating high school I befriended a guy that had a huge crush on me. I didn't like him much because I wanted to focus on my school and I wanted to follow my dreams. During the three years of us just randomly messaging each other I started to fall for him. I still wanted a good friendship bond but I just started to like him. I let a lot of people get into my head of why do I message him? Have he talk to him parents about me? Y'all in the same state, why haven't y'all hung out? When they started to do that I feel kind of slow because I was wonder do they, why do we not, do he still feel the same way? During the three years he worked hard for me, texted me a lot, would always made me smile. Everything was sweet! He learned about me and I learned about him without us even asking each other questions about he other. I use to. Ignore him because I was not interested but that caused me To fall in love with him because he been after me to years. I tried to Be the same way with him and let my aunt help m with him. He would tell me to chill and it is like he didn't message he like how he use to. I didn't understand what changed. After everything I tried to show I'm interested he told his sister and mom and dad that I always messaged him and that he didn't know me. I learned and was told that.. I was so devastated.. I was heartbroken. He messaged me today like nothing happened and he would still like my pictures and view my story on Snapchat. My cousin his best friend tells me he talk about me a lot. I act like I don't care and, I ignored him. I am that type of person and still think I am in love with him. I don't know what to do, im still upset at what he did. That was not right of him. Everyone knew that wasn't true, but its still making him family think of me badly. I'm so confused


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  • Confront him on it especially if you love him.


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