What the hell did I do wrong, Killing the conversation?

Kind of clueless the hell did I do to get ignored? Started talking to random girl on OKC... But things went sour fast, why?

What the hell did I do wrong, Killing the conversation?

Fact that I said I was a Virgin not to long ago, seemed to have killed it 😥


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  • i think with you saying you dont want to go back and change that you lost your virginity made it seems like you have something/feelings for someone you lost your virginity with. she may be feeling a little uncomfortable or she could have liked you a little and with you saying that, may made her seems like she's interrupting you. maybe thats why she didn't reply?

    • Huh. Not what I was meaning with that, I broke up with my ex and was over it in 10 seconds (no bullshit and no misspelling there, you read it correctly seconds).

      What I was referring to is that I was not regretting the fact that I lost my virginity to my ex, given that I could have just gotten a hooker and been non virgin ages ago.

    • the fact that asked about virginity, maybe she wants to get sexual?

    • Pretty stupid reason tbh. Ex is ex really.

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  • Ask her the same question.

    • Huh?

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    • Well not much of a loss since you didn't know her. If she cut it off so suddenly she was probably a weirdo anyways

    • Being honest I don't get much replies on OKC. And when I do they usually die quickly for some odd reason :(

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