Should I take things further with this girl? I dont feel condident about this girl?

Ok so there is a girl in my class... she is very close to a guy who everyone in my class thinks he is her boyfriend... but she came and sat with me infront of that guy and we exchanged mails and we are talking ever since...
i told her i like her and she told me she likes me too... she ignores that friend infront of me...
but my friends tellme... she flirts with him in ur absence, she laughs , smiles and sits with him in the breaks... and some of my friends tellme that he is just a friend..
I dont know what to do with this girl? i feel like im being duped...
  • I should tell her that i can't be with a girl who is already known as someone else's girlfriend... im not comfortable with it
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  • I should ignore my friends, coz infront of my eyes she ignores that guy.
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What Girls Said 1

  • I think you should let her go.


What Guys Said 1

  • Give yourself time to think about it and if it is worth it to her just ask.

    • I though about it bruh... if a girl is cheating during the phase of dating no wonder she is going to cheat aswell in future...
      if she really liked me she would have never gave him signals...
      but again my brain tells me... i should believe what im seeing through my eyes...
      infront of me... she ignores him... i dont know what to do...

    • Yeah, well maybe you should let her go. Sorry.

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