Guys, Am I just over reacting?

I've been dating this guy for over a year now and tonight he's going out for his birthday. He told me about this the other night when we were together but today he's told me that he wants to just go out with one of his mates and that I'm welcomed to come but his intentions were just to go out with him. I would have thought he would like to go out and party with me too and his mate?

its for his birthday and he's going to a girls (that he knows I don't) party before hand. Am I just over reacting? He told me his plans over the phone were we spent 45 minutes chatting about our days and what we have to get sorted before the holidays. Just to add some info for you

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  • If he and the guy he's going with were friends before you two got together, then he's just wanting to get drunk with some old friends and act dumber than he normally would around you. If that's the case, you have nothing to worry about and I hereby give you kudos for letting him have his night out with his friends, even though it's a hard on you.
    On the other hand, if this is the first time you've heard of this "close friend" of his that he's going out with, then I can see why you'd be suspicious.
    Look at it this way, if he were going to cheat on you, then you were wrong about the kind of person he is, and you fell in love with someone who doesn't actually exist.

    Trust what your instincts tell you about what kind of man he is when you consider your history together. If that brings you comfort, then all is good and you can rest easy.


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