If my boyfriend told a girl that used to like him and sabotage our relationship that he loved her as a friend should I worry?

He said its his friend and he's going to tell his friends he loves them. I don't know maybe I'm overreacting. I don't think she's a real friend if she doesn't respect his personal life


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  • Personally if she tried to sabotage my relationship I'd question why he was still mates with her. Not cool- and that just even gives her more motivation to do to.

    • That's what I did but he kind of snaps at me when I say I don't feel comfortable. And he tells me he's not going to stop saying it

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    • Sorry, I hope he will actually realize that this isn't appropriate. Best of luck x

    • Thanks.

  • Yea if she knows about you and did that, she's not there to be his friend. But he's letting her down gently, that's nice of him.

    • Well not necessarily. He's kind of in denial about her liking him. Sometimes he's like "no she doesn't" and sometimes he's like "hmm maybe she does"

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    • It's all the time

    • Yea, he needs to cut her off. Asap.

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