Does the Black and Hispanic Prison Population Affect Women in These Racial Groups?

Apparently there is a disproportionately large number of black and Hispanic men who are incarcerated in the U. S. Does this not reduce the male-to-female ratio by a large degree in these two races? Also, would this not eleminate the "bad boy" competition in favor for the good/nice guys when it comes to dating?


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  • I'll entertain this for a moment. I don't think it works that way, because eventually they get out...

    • Not all of them get out. And for 1 that gets out, AT LEAST 1 gets in; keep in mind that the incarceration rate is only increasing...

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  • " Also, would this not eliminate the "bad boy" competition in favor for the good/nice guys when it comes to dating?" LMAO FUCK NAW!!! cuz since DADDY is AWAY who's going to keep little BILLY in CHECK when it comes to him claiming the hood or just doing dumb shit in general?

    • Basically that would make it worse for the good guys of the world LOL

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    • LMAO just because you have 5000 "bad boys" in jail doesn't mean you won't have 50000 in the streets + 200000 in the making, right? And like I always say, "they game don't change, just the players" so yeah... even if you locked up all the current "bad boys" their sons will probably take their shoes anyway (never fails).

    • There may be other bad boys who are not incarcerated, but if you start out with a hundred guys and 100 girls, probably 10 guys are in jail while 1 girl is. So there leaves a surplus of girls. This should actually make it easier for ALL men overall, but then this should also increase the proportion of good men to bad men.

  • People in prison are more likely to have a poorly developed frontal lobe


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