Would You Consider it Benefecial to Tell a Nice/Good Guy Why You're Not Interested?

Now of course this would be beneficial to HIM. But don't you want good/nice guys to be successful with girls? Or would you rather just not tell him and keep him wondering what it was that you didn't like about him? Then he would probably keep running into failure after failure with every girl he meets because no one will give him the structural criticism he needs to improve himself for future dating prospects.


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  • Girls seem to typically not be aware of the "why", only that they " aren't ".

    • how would a grown adult person want or not want something/someone and not know why? Are you saying that typical women don't know what they want?

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    • People estimate personality based on looks, and they also estimate compatibility based on general behavioral demeanor. It really is not that surprising.

    • Yes so girls are in fact shallow, every bit as much as guys are. But again, why can't females be more thoughtful about their male counterparts when it comes to wanting better for someone else?

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