I want to be contacted/texted by my date everyday, is it too clingy?

Guys, if your date wants you to contact her once a day, no matter you are busy or not, do you think this girl is too clingy?
I see this guy once or two times a week, it's fine, but I do want him to contact me more often. We've been dating for few weeks. (Sometimes I text him initiatively but he replies short)

So how frequent do you think is okay?
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  • No it's not clingy. Contacting everyday is necessary and normal
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Skipping the vote.

    You wanting it is perfect. Means you two might work out. Expecting it is too clingy.
    That said, when things start to get serious I often go for the near daily goodnights and alike. I guess I'm corny like that. Maybe it is common?

    • Hi. When we started dating, he texted me every day and asked me how's my day, sometimes he called for short talk. But now, we are getting closer, but he doesn't text me every day, sometimes I wonder if he forgets me = =. but he still would ask me out, once or twice a week. So i am a bit confused. I think telling him how i feel is probably not a good idea?

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    • Sorry to hear it. However I still feel that you got something from this. Better to know than not know.
      If he is with someone else, obviously breaking it off makes sense. Don't know enough to tell you what to do. At least your gut instinct that something was strange proved right. Not all of us have that. Pat yourself on the shoulder.

    • Hi, he told me last night that he still has some feeling for his ex, and he likes me as well. our problem is that we are not very compatible in personality, no same interest or same value, and he might leave my country two months later, but might stay if he gets a job.
      He said he wants to see what will happen between us, but he can't deny that he has feeling for his ex as well.
      They have long history, and I am the new one, I am so struggle if i should leave him or wait and see what will happen, his ex will leave weeks later, but i think they won't stop contacting though.

Most Helpful Girl

  • For me it's too much. This one guy I was talking to once, he texted me every morning. Then called me on his break at work. Then texted me throughout the day. Then called me on his way home from work. Then texted me for the rest of the night. Every single day. Even when he was busy with other people he would text me, sometimes even call me. Some people might like that kind of attention and communication, but for me after a couple days it all just felt like a chore.

    • If i were you, that's too much for me as well. what i want is short talk in the end of a day. even just one minute is enough.
      So how frequent of contacting is good for you? if he doesn't text for two days, won't you feel any disappointment?

    • Hmm I guess if I had to choose I'd go with every other day? Just as long as it's not every day, I dunno. It always kinda depends, some days I have more to say and feel like talking more than others.

    • I have to say you are so cool haha, you are like a guy that doesn't like texting!

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What Guys Said 3

  • It's clingy to demand it, I personally talk on Skype but I wouldn't bind myself down to the phone all the time, especially not voice calls because that means I cannot listen to music.

    • all i want is just few texts to say hi how's the day, one minute is enough... i think this is a reasonable demand, but i don't know how guys think! when you are seeing a girl, wouldn't you think about her every day for even one time?

    • ... texting sucks on the phone, but if you are on Skype then if you need something i will respond. I don't think I have asked anyone "how is your day" in a very long time though. Mostly because that is not a specific question enough to get a specific answer beyond "it's alright". I definitely don't text much, but I do chat in chat if there is a context to discuss... I dunno.

  • Communication is important. I would try to text my date at least twice a day if we couldn't see each other all the time.

    Though I prefer phone calls.

    • Yeah so i am a bit disappointed. Actually we are not compatible that we always don't find topics to talk to, but we are still seeing each other.
      should i tell him about my concern?

    • I think you should.
      Can you remember why you started going out in the first place?

  • As long as you don:t become if he doesn't contact you everyday i don't see the problem

    • i do become anxious just because he didn't contact me for two days:( but isn't it normal feeling?

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    • It had been 11 hours since he said he would like to explain. But there's no more words or calls from him. I just read his message and didn't say anything until an hour ago and he hasn't read the message.
      So... this is his nonverbal behavior. Any suggestion?

    • Yes my suggestion is to do nothing if he wants you he most show it

What Girls Said 4

  • I don't think that's too clingy at all. It's normal to want to touch base with the people you care about. Seriously 5 minutes out of 24 hours is not that much to ask for.

  • It depends on your status. If you are just casually dating, then its too much but if exclusively dating, then its fine.

    • we are exclusive. but hmmm i think i should not focus on this, though it's hard!

  • It is super clingy im clingy too

  • It's not clingy, with my boyfriends we talk every hours


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