Why does he think I am this person?

I think he was intimidated by my beauty or he hated the way I wouldn't let him in. He said I had no goals or direction in life, thats why he dumped. I go to school, I dont like it but I have too, by that time I got fired from my job but before him I worked three jobs with my internship. He said I wasn't going to be much of anything in life. Instead of ASKING what he expected from me he just decided I was a low life cause he met me at a time I was depressed so automatically I acted really nonchalant with him. He said I was from low education ok.. I didn't do my best in school, but that doesn't mean anything, I do my best to climb up the latter, he said I was unstable... no he just didn't give me a reason to like him. just because he s a doctor doesn't mean he can talk to me like that... what was his problem, he truly admired my beauty.


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  • He didn't admired your beauty lol he just found you not his type


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  • He was attracted to you, but you were not his type. That's why he rejected you.

    • so when someone goes through hard times, student life broke and all, I am not his type? I went through a depression

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