Is she using reverse psychology on me?

Been dating her exclusively for 6 months. She is obsessed with the girlfriend title. I told her a stage is more clear next stage is moving in but it will be awhile as I like to be independent for a bit longer and neither of us have lived with anyone.

During the week she misunderstood something I said and react really badly. She unfriend we me on Facebook and told me she is done with me. We kept texting Then she accused me of things out of her assumption. i had to defend myself.

I I used to be the one saying this might not be long term as I've never seen anything that works. Now she is telling me she has doubt this will be long term cos she is loving her freedom while traveling.

We made up and friends again on Facebook cos she sent me a request. I told her to keep me updated with her injuries she said she would hit she has never texted me. I have to keep liking her stuff for her attention.

She he posted pics of us on her wall and tagged me. What does she want?


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  • I don't fully get what you mean by 'reverse psychology' here, and I think more details would be needed to better understand your situation - like, did she suddenly send you a friend req. on fb out of the blue? no apologies on your side? no begging for her to come back? and also, you started out a relationship telling her 'this might not be long term'? I can only sense she sort of feels she's been strung along as she probably got different needs from yours (maybe she wanted to go and live together asap, and you saying you 'like your independence' came across in a very bad way. maybe she got tired of wondering where is your relationship headed and wants to give you some taste of your own medicine?

    • I dumped her already and she was crying and begging me to come back. I'm not taking her back, but I still do favors for her. I tested the water and she still ok with kisses and dry hump. She told me no sex cos we broke up. I know she wants to use sex as weapon

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