Guys, is he just not that into me?

So I met this guy on my travels. We both appeared to instantly click for the 3 days we met. We didn't sleep together but we did stay in bed each night and we did seem to have something. He was exactly like me and I can tell from the time together he did genuinely like me. Then I had to leave to go back home. Now he claims he really likes me and is considering stopping the rest of his travels to come see me. However when I mail him on Facebook it always takes him hours (even a full day) for a response. Yet his active time shows he is online every half hour or so.

Should I consider this as a general clue that he's just not that into me? I don't get him because if he likes me as he claims why does he take days to reply? Yet is constantly online?

I am not needy nor do I expect constant replies as I am fully aware he is travelling and having fun. It's just he appears to be active a lot and I wait full days for a response.


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  • Yes, that's a bit strange but who knows he may have a genuine reason for the delay in response, so have you tried asking him when he replies to you that why there was a delay in response? if not then next time when he responds you should bring this up, at least you'll know what the reason is, it will clear your doubts.

  • Don't worry about the message delays. You never know the reason it takes so long. It could be his fault could not. But either way, don't stress.


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