Girls, Why doesn't every guy do these things to become the ideal male (not just for women, but in general)?

1) Reach their genetic max physically:At genetic max... most guys look indistinguishable from male models (who too are also at their maximum potential) for all intents and purposes.
I myself am not really there yet... but getting closer everyday.
Yeah some have no jawline even at 10 percent body fat (kinda depressing... but hey loads of girls out there like baby faced guys... so there's hope for you guys too).

2) Having their shit together : And by having shit together I mean kicking ass in academics if you're in college/high school and kicking ass in the workplace if you're out of college.
3) Being a knowledgeable gentleman and not some swag fag. READ a lot. You can even watch some awesome informative videos on youtube.
4) This is purely personal preference...
But being straight edge.😎 Alcohol? No thanks. Give me diet coke any day. 😉 Seriously. It makes you feel and look way better if you're not doing drugs/smoking/drinking.

The chances you'll get rejected if you do these is REALLY REALLY REALLY low. Plus you'll be more successful in most other areas of life too that don't involve dating women.


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  • I don't know. It doesn't sound like my ideal man, but no one is perfect, and no matter how much people try to do those things to be "ideal" it never really gets to that point, where each guy can say "Yes, I'm an ideal man." Every girl has a different taste when it comes to men so, yeah lol

    • But... most girls would prefer a guy that is at or close to his genetic maximum.
      The "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" thing is TRUE... only when the guys that are being judged are at their absolute maximum genetic potential and are groomed to the max. Only then can you say, all the guys are equally beautiful and the choice will truly be upto the beholder.

      But take a maxed out guy and put him next to a slightly overweight, unkempt guy? It won't be in the eyes of the beholder so much anymore.

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    • 😢😢 I did say be a gentleman didn't I? Lol

    • Some guys aren't gentleman like lol im just hoping most of them are

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