Are there any "Good" girls that want to date at 18-24?

I know that most girls get a lot of attention, and that increases in the 18-24 year range.

I am 22, I am stuggling to find a "Nice" girl, someone who wants to date, get to know me, have fun, more traditional I guess, not super serious about dating I get it, but at least a bit of effort. I am not a huge flirt, or when I do I come on way too strong.

The girls I have had expirence with have not been like this, its I have to be fake, play games, be a guy, be extra confident, things.

And it just feels like this is the way it has to be if I want to do well with girls. I know there are some nice ones out there, but it really feels like I'm going to have to change/ be a "bad boy" or a very assertive nice guy to get any girl...

Because a girl won't like me for who I am, They say they do, But I know they don't.

"I'm sweet, I'm caring, I'm a great listner" but that is not what they are looking for, or they only see me as a friend. Or are not ready etc.


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  • You will fine someone


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