The guy I'm (trying) to see never has enough time for me, should I just move on?

We are both in college. It's a academically rigorous school so we both are busy with are studies. He's also in a band that meet up and rehearse often. He also has a international work thing where he helps assign incoming students. But I don't know, we've only seen each other twice in a month period... And I'm just kinda feelin done with it. He would make time wouldn't he? Even if he is "so busy" I feel like there must be some time he could set aside. I don't want to say goodbye but it's kinda like I don't have a choice, especially since we aren't committed or anything it's hard to say hey we should spend more time together. We are only on the beginning stage and hardly know each other.


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  • Yes, that wouldn't be a bad decision but I would suggest before taking that decision you should have a discussion with him, I mean try and talk to him about this thing and let him know that it hurts you when he does this, I mean just give it one try before you take the decision to move on.

    Just saying


What Girls Said 1

  • yeah, move on. twice in a month equals 'not that into you' I'm afraid, specially if you live in the same town and go to the same college..


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