What to do when your tempted to text the guy who never called you when he said he would?

I have asked questions about this guy before but basically it's been about 3 weeks since he said he would call and he hasn't. He does come to my workplace delivering parcels and Las time he was in a hurry to go he did say hi to me or anything then again I did kind of gave off a cold vibe to him as well and I was serving a customer at the till when he came.
I still have his number I don't know if he has mine, but all in all I am tempted to message him just to ask why I guess I kinda need closure. But also it's abit awkward when he comes to my work place so I'd also like to clear the air. Mind you this guy is 31 and I'm 21 yes it's a big age gap but I really don't feel the age gap and I'm very mature for my age I have lived in my own since I was 18 and have paid my own bills and rent, I work and I'm a student at the same time.
Lately I have only been attracting guys 25 and over and all of them have kids, I don't know why this keeps happening. All in all this guy is very attractive and he knows it so I feel like he did take me for a 21 year old bimbo which I feel insulted by, but not only that he is abit of an idiot he thought there were kangaroos in Canada -_- . So yhh I don't know should I test the waters cause I feel like he's being a big sissy and he finds me intimidating.


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  • just text him and confront him about it.


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