Why would a guy keep telling me he doesn't like me when his actions show he does?

He has put up with a lot of my shit and we are definetly not only friends! Other than having a crazy physical attraction we are so alike in so many things and anyone who sees us together thinks we're dating. Why does he keep saying that when in reality he does have feelings for me!

The he only reason I like him to be honest is because of the way he looks at me. It is overwhelming! I have never had a guy look at me this way before... Like I was the best thing he's ever saw in his life. When were together we can't keep our hands off eachother. But in public he would kiss my forehead and grab my face look me deep in the eye and kiss me on both cheeks.. And we've reached a point were we are too comfortable around eachother, so WHY does he keep saying he doesn't like me when he also gets jealous. And he says it an amount of time not natural like something is wrong with the amount of times he says that!


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  • I tend to characterise a person by their actions, because a persons actions will tell you all you need to know. Personally, I believe if a guy has feelings for you... you'll know it. If he doesn't then you'll feel confused a full of doubt.

    So if his actions show he likes you then maybe he is holding back to reasons only known to him. He may have a fear of opening up about his feelings.

    • I think so too but the only thing confusing me is his words can you personal message me to take ur advice or can I message u it says anonymous. I would like to take someone's perspective I'll explain to you everything. Thanks

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  • sometimes it's not always the guy who has to confess about their feelings. between my boyfriend and i, i told him about my feelings towards him first bcs to be really honest, he gave me a lot of hints that he's crazily inlove with me and at that point, i knew he was scared to tell me about his feelings since he doesn't want to be heartbroken bcs he thought i have no feelings for him at all. then i knew i had to tell him about it and now i'm almost a year with him!! i think you should tell him and it's never bad to try!

  • just move on... believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.
    everything we see is a perspective... not the truth. hashtag girlfriend move on...

  • Maybe because he doesn't and you just want him to?


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