She's suddenly ignoring me and told me that we're getting closer really fast and she's afraid of what might come out of us. What should I do?

We met just recently. Her friends told me that she liked me (it was very obvious), and I slowly developed feelings for her. We are in different lines of work so without effort, we rarely meet, but we try. I initiated texting her and we texted non-stop for months. We were comfortable with each other. The first date was good (IMO) and all her colleagues knew about it through her, and told my colleagues. It was kind of embarrassing for me at first bcos I was teased in my workplace unexpectedly.

We were supposed to go on a second date but the timing wasn't right. However, last week, her replies started getting shorter and takes her hours. I asked her if I did something wrong and I apologized but she said it was nothing to do with what I did, but it was her. She told me that this was because she was really busy with her assignment (a major one to up her career) and also that we were getting more intimate that a part of her is terrified of what will become of us. She said that she wasn't ready for anything further. (I was taken unexpectedly because her reaction was all so sudden. I know that we are not ready yet so I haven't even thought of the girlfriend question. I don't know what provoked her to guard up suddenly...) (she also had history of breakups)

So I told her that we're not going to turbo-jet our way forward. I told her to focus on her pivotal assignment and not fret over me. She thanked me for being understanding but that was about it.

It was clear that she has no intention of continuing the convo and I feel like I'm disturbing her. So, I said goodnight to her and we haven't texted or spoke for days already. She's clearly ignoring me and her colleagues were telling me vaguely about her being uncertain. (again, this is all so sudden that I'm still a little shocked)

I really don't know what should I do now.
Should I text her again or wait?
I already miss her and I'm slowly starting blame myself over something I don't know where I went wrong.


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  • she's probably scared. maybe your going too fast. she's hard a bad experience in the past and she's scared to get hurt. take things slow


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